What Members Say About Us

WOW! Love the fact I can get paid to advertise and receive new leads every month!.
Global Impact Ads Totally Rocks! The Genealogy Leads are the life blood of my business!
Never have I ever seen or been part of such an Amazing Company, with such a small start up cost. Anyone can afford $10!
I Love Matrix Programs, as it Forces Team Spirit and Team Building so Everyone Succeeds. And the Instant Crypto Payments are Fantastic!!!

Benefits of Being a GIA Member

GIA is a 3X10 Forced Matrix, with a $10 Start Up Cost to Start Advertising Your Product or Service.

Free Support

GIA is available to answer any of your questions to ensure that you have a Successful Advertising Campaign. Your Success Equals Our Success.

Purchase Bonus

Global Ambassador Members with get Free Life Time Leads added Monthly, plus we start you out with 2 Million Plus Leads to Ensure your Success!

Member Rewards

Members may have Multiple Text Ad and Banner Ad Campaigns Running, and may also Purchase Multiple Positions in any Matrix to add Advertising Credits and to Earn More Income from the 3X10 Forced Matrix.

What GIA Members Get

Text Ad and Banner Ad Campaigns on the GIA Site, and other outside sites on the WWW plus Global Ambassador Members get Free Leads For Life.


Text Ad and Banner Ad Advertising.

Text Ads and Banner Ads are awarded with each new Matrix Position Purchase. You may purchase multiple matrix's at any level to increase your adverting credits, as well as your earning power from the Forced 3X10 Matrix Structure.

Matrix Positions start out at only $10 to give anyone a very affordable alternative to start their advertising campaign on a budget, while having the earning power to get paid to advertise! You may move up to the next larger matrix at any time as you are never forced to do what is not comfortable with your advertising budget.


Life Time Leads.

Incredible Lead Bonus Exclusively for our Global Ambassador Members Only! Leads are added on a monthly basis to ensure your continued success on or off line.

Leads consist of: email, name and phone number, full postal address, genealogy leads, business opportunity seekers, business buyer leads, telephone interviewed leads, business owner leads, and so much more. You simply will never run out of prospects as GIA will start you out with 2 Million Plus Leads to dominate any advertising medium!


Available Packages
There are a total of 8 Different Matrix Positions you may upgrade to. You simply start out at the $10 Member Matrix, and you may then upgrade as your budget allows. You may also purchase as many matrix positions in any of the compensation plans you desire.
You receive 1,000 Text Ad Credits and 1,000 Banner Ad Credits
Ad Credits Never Expire, and you may add credits by buying multiple positions or upgrading to the next available matrix level. $25 is the next available upgrade, offering 2,500 Text Ad Credits and 2,500 Banner Ad Credits.