Earn Crypto while YOU
Get Paid to Advertise

Everyone needs to advertise their products and services, so what better way to get Paid to Advertise and collect Crypto Currency at the same time - Total Win Win Situation. No silly clicking ads games and no sponsoring/referring others to earn Daily Crypto Payouts! No more waiting on commissions, as pay outs are Instant to your CoinPayments Wallet!

The Fastest Way to Grow Your Business

Advertising Pays is more true now then ever! GIA has Business Opportunity Seekers/Buyers who also love collecting Crypto, so you have just found your target market of the best business minded people on the planet.

Built-In Ewallet

GIA Pays Instant Commissions to your CoinPayments Wallet - No Waiting.

Text Ads

Text Ads display in the members back office to serious entrepreneurs, and other sites on the WWW.

Banner Ads

Banner Ads display in the members back office to serious entrepreneurs, and other sites on the WWW.

Replicating Website

No Skills Required to create your own expensive and complicated funnel. GIA offers this as a Free Bonus.

Tracking System

Track all your ads, and downline promotions to know where your traffic is coming from to maximize your efforts.

Full Training

Full training so you can learn the GIA system super fast.

Quality Support

Got a Question? Simply send a support ticket.

High End Features

No extra charge for your back office command center. - You are in Full Control

Highly Secured

We have redundancy back ups with 99.9% uptime - Your ads will get noticed.

Complete Business Traffic Generating Solution

We have included many features and tools to maximize traffic to your site/offers, as well as creating the opportunity to make massive amounts of commissions so you can get paid handsomely for advertising, as well as your referrals.


Trust GIA to be your MLM Advertising Web Traffic Generating Solution

You can trust GIA will continue to generate thousands of daily visitors to the GIA site, who will sign up and see your ads, as well as getting other non GIA sites to place our ad codes on their sites so your ads will be seen on thousands of other sites on the WWW. Traffic is the life blood of any business, and GIA will strive to ensure your business venture is a success.

Powerful & User Friendly

GIA uses the latest web development programming languages to provide a super fast and responsive web site to ensure compatibility for any web connected device. You control when you advertise with a simple click of your mouse, ad credits never expire, and you may run multiple campaigns simultaneously.


Instant Crypto Payments

No more waiting for or requesting earned commissions. Your commissions are paid out Instantly to your CoinPayments Wallet the second they are earned. You will never have to wait for your money.

Works On All Devices

GIA displays on any size Internet connected device for an enjoyable web surfing experience. Surf other members ads or work your back office with ease of no pinching, squeezing, or hunting for a magnifying glass.

Click or Tap Simple

Adding, modifying, deleting, or pausing any of your campaigns is simple as clicking a mouse or tapping your screen. Check your stats from your back office at any time from any Internet connected device.

GIA is a 3X10 Forced Matrix Compensation Plan

It is Free to get registered with GIA Today! To get started advertising your products/services, and to be qualified to receive commissions, you will need to upgrade to the $10 Member Matrix. The Member Matrix will give you 1,000 Text Ad Credits and 1,000 Banner Ad Credits. Credits never expire, and you can track, turn on/off your ads at any time with the simple click of a mouse or a tap on your screen.

GIA does not require you to click any amount of ads to ever collect your earned commissions, and being that GIA is a 3X10 Forced Matrix, you are never required to Sponsor/Refer anyone to the GIA site to earn commissions. Anyone who falls below you from Spill Over will generate a commission for you, no matter who places them in your organization. GIA is truly a People Helping People Advertising Opportunity.

Compensation Plan Details...


$10 Entry Cost

1,000 Text Ads & 1,000 Banner Ads

5% Commissions Per Level


25% Referral Commission


Positions Per Level

Total $
Level 1 3 $1.50
Level 2 9 $4.50
Level 3 27 $13.50
Level 4 81 $40.50
Level 5 243 $121.50
Level 6 729 $364.50
Level 7 2187 $1,093.50
Level 8 6,561 $3,280.50
Level 9 19,683 $9,841.50
Level 10 59,049 $29,524.50

Total Potential Earnings


There are 7 more matrix positions that you may upgrade to in the future offering more advertising credits, and earning potential!

You earn 25% on every purchase your personally referred members make, and is not calculated in the above chart.

Our Global Ambassador Members also receive Free Leads For Life. Simply download from your private members only back office.

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